Saturday, 21st April, 2018

NGT takes objection against the balanced election result of Gujarat

25, Dec 2017 By rofl gujju

New Delhi: Faking news sources reported that NGT which endowed responsibility to protect and preserve Indian natural heritage took remarks of the Gujarat election result. It may surprise you that court having a responsibility to protect environment take interest in election results. But it’s true! FN sources reported this development though nothing formal decision yet taken.

As per FN sources, Gujarati result gives chance to the both BJP and Congres to celebrate the result. The result was celebrated by both camps. Both sides burn firecrackers worth of the lakhs. This pollutes the environment. In addition to this, both BJP and Congress are the national parties so the BJP office of the Chennai and Congress office of the Delhi also celebrate the Gujarat results. This add tonne of the unproductive co2 into nature.

When FN enquire the issue in detail. NGT sources said that it is unlikely that NGT going to impose any penalty or impose any ban on such activities cause they are the lawmakers. NGT famous for the imposing ban not going to take any action as per FN sources.