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NGO to organize the World championship of political corruption

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In order to prove their leader’s statement in Chhattisgarh that ‘BJP is the world Champion in corruption’ the social relations wing of the Congress party has motivated a well known NGO to organize the world championship of political corruption in December this year.

Speaking to newsmen, the Chairperson of the NGO Shri Beimaan Kumar said that nominations would be invited from all political parties recognized in various countries throughout the world.

The Champion would be selected based on three criteria, viz. the amount of money involved, the time period in which the money has been made, and the extent to which the individual / party has been able to avoid legal complications. The parties/ individuals can nominate themselves as well as others, but the nominations have to be accompanied by certified copies of documents substantiating the claim.

When asked which of the factors would be given higher weightage, he explained in full detail the multi-dimensional decision matrix method that would be employed to holistically determine the Champion.

FN news has learnt that most politicians privately welcome the move though in public they have accused the NGO of working at the behest of their opponents.