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News you missed while watching T20 : Best of Faking News

27, Mar 2014 By sangra9876

1. Marred by his ED( Election Debut) and premature expulsion, Pramod Muthalik promises that he’s a changed man. I wonder if all the pink lingerie he received as a protest changed his outlook towards women. Mine would !!! With his current resentment towards Arnab Goswami ,TIMES NOW is considered sending their underwear.

2. With Idiots like KRK and Rakhi Sawant having entered politics, it is no longer inappropriate to say that our political scene is flooded by a bunch of idiots. After porn , pepper spray and money flying in parliament, item girl is the only thing missing .

3 .With Subrata Roy and Kejriwal coming to their rescue, Indian ink industry has got a major boost and are now trying to get modi and Rahul as their Brand Ambassadors. Rakhi Sawant has, although offered to do it for free. She has offered lucrative advertising space (If you know what I mean)

4.  After failing to generate any buzz after announcing private quotas, Congress govt. is now planning to announce reservation in multiplexes. Now 20 % of the corner seats will be reserved for backward classes. And reserved classes will be provided 20% extra data on their 3G packs.

5. After dismissing the reports of one man worship, BJP has now decided to name their manifesto as “Modifesto”. Meanwhile, Poonam Pandey has been given ticket over Smriti Irani since she promised to bring all her Twitter followers to vote . Poonam has acknowledged this by tweeting a photo wearing just a lotus !

6.  After his chai pe charcha , Modi is now trying to reach the slum people by his new campaign “track pe track record “.The event funding will be provided by Hajmola , Tupperware and Western Railway before Arvind Kejriwal questions the funding . In response ,Rahul Gandhi has launched a series of new gatherings called “Shauch pe Soch”.

7. After Kejriwal and Antony, Modi has now called Jaswant Singh and Nitish Kumar a “Pak Agent ” and quoted Rajasthan’s role in 1962 war.

8. The words “Shehzada” , “Feku ” and “Paltu” have been included in the oxford dictionary of political jargon only next to democrats and republicans.

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