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News from 2017 - T20 World cup of 2014 was fixed

09, Apr 2014 By Fakerazzi
Newsroom of “Kal Tak News”, “Exclusive Breaking news Only TV” and “Tweet ReTrans TV “
Correspondent Varun Mahipal
11.59 PM, March 31, 2017.
Malaysian and Chinese together have managed to find the final piece of MH370 wreckage in the Indian ocean somewhere near Madagascar. They came across a startling revelation. This piece is a grey box of evidence meant for Indian authorities, but like Columbus of yesteryears, the plane went into wrong direction. The evidence in this grey box shows that T20 world cup of 2014 held in Bangladesh was fixed long before the tourney started. The obvious conclusion was to make sure that India reaches the final. Manufacturing downturn in China forced them to find another money avenue.
ICC headquarter in Antarctica is looking into it. They have moved here recently due to tax issues with Arctic Council. Their Anti corruption bureau, headed by Shri Lalthanwala Moody, has started to co-ordinate with former cricketing nation of Australia for fair probe. After getting booted out from elite ICC test cricket nation recognition in 2015, Aussies are now considered neutral venue for cricketing matters.
Shri Akela Kursiwala of AK-49 fame has sent a questionnaire to current PM of India, Shri Gajraj Moody, asking for his opinion. He has also sought opinion from the king of India, Shri Mahan Aitilawale.
BCCI, headed by Sadani salt proprietor, has declared its innocence for any wrong doing on its part. Brother In law of Sadani Owner is getting questioned by Mr. Preet Bharara (International DA of repute).
Retired Captain Shri Mahila Sundar Guni has lambasted this probe throughly in a vipasana themed press conference. Press has contacted Shri MMS, silent caretaker of Spanish citizen of Italian descent RaGa during 2004-2014, to decipher the silent tones of the statements.