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Newest Reality Show on NDTV Imagine!

07, Aug 2012 By AwesomeJourno

If the latest sources are to be believed, NDTV Imagine is coming up with a new original reality show. “Yes, It is a totally new concept and is sure to attract many many viewers.” says Fibba Hussain, CEO of NDTV Imagine. The newest reality show is tentatively titled “So you think you Can Strip”. It is to have a panel of experienced judges. Stipa Telewala, Creative head gushes about the latest show, “Oh Yes! This is the first Indian reality show that doesnt copy the western ones. This is a milestone in Indian History, we are proud to be part of it!”

Even as Faking news reporters struggled to catch glimpses of Stipa, the leading media sources crowded all around her begging her for interviews and photos. One of our reporters remarked sarcastically about the impeding Petrol rise and the Inflation problems when a rude Times of India journalist snapped at him for talking about irrelevant things and the rest of the journalists beat him up for disturbing their interviews with Stipa.

The show is to have a 5 judge panel of experienced eminent persons in the field. Talks are going round with Rakhi Sawant, Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey. The channel wants to rope in Sherlyn Chopra too. When we contacted Rakhi Sawant, she said “Jejus! Yes. I can perform my duty as the judge better than anybody else. We want quality strippers in the country. We will replace all actresses. Sunny Leone has said that she is excited about the show and claims that she is only doing her job and helping countless others to be “comfortable” with their bodies. Poonam Pandey says that the audience will see her in never before avatar. Apparantly, all the judges will be giving live demos and tips to the contestants.

This news hasnt gone down well the Male Stripper Society. Apparantly, only female contestants are allowed to take part in the competition. “This is injustice! Even we want to showcase our stripping skills.” says an agitated MSS Leader. However, millions of wannabe girls in the age group of 20 to 50 have already signed up for the contest. “Yes, there may be 50 year old ladies in the show, but that wont be an eyesore, we are providing free silicon implants and liposuction to all contestants!” Says Stipa.

“The top 5 contestants will get a stripper video on youtube, free of cost.” says Stipa. When reminded that youtube is already free of cost, Stipa snapped out of her sweet personality and asked us to get out. Apparantly the winner of the contest gets to star in Jism 4. Mahesh Bhat said that he had already prepared the contract papers and would personally sign it with the winner on air.