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New York goes crazy about Eggs on Kejriwal

03, Feb 2017 By khakshar

Last month, a Mumbai specialty made it to a list of 10 New York dishes compiled by New York Times food. Believe it or not, it is called ‘Eggs Kejriwal’. It was  was invented in the 1960s by a conservative Marwari businessman. He couldn’t eat eggs at home and so would have this breakfast at the club. The dish is fried egg on toast under melted Cheddar and has green chutney that has a glossy sprinkle of coconut oil. In plain Delhi language the dish is nothing but like spreading “Raita”.

Delicious Egg Kejriwal
Delicious Egg Kejriwal

The news reached India only yesterday. It’s Kejriwal connection has raised many eyebrows. The opponents have castigated the Delhi CM for making Egg popular. The’ve started questioning his values and ethics. Some of them have asked his community to declare him outcast.

The main opponents have also cited the color of the green Chutney in the dish as his political preference. There is not even a tint of saffron in the dish. The man has defied even the nature for his political Nautanki. He has thrown away the saffron colored Yolk.

While the more secular opponents have pointed out to many U-Turns in the dish. Eggs with cheese and coconut oil tells us about this. The Delhi CM first wanted to use Mustard oil, then changed his mind to use coconut oil.

Meanwhile the Aam Admi Party supporters are on moon rather egg. They have celebrated it egg throwing competition. As is the custom in the party, most eggs were thrown on it’s supremo. Drenched with eggs on face the AAP spokesperson stated, “We were the most popular among NRIs in Canada. Many of from Canada are campaigning for AAP in Punjab elections. Now our leader is much famous than our Prime Minister in USA. It is a slap to the PM. Why do you think that people in USA like our leader’s dish? Mr. Modi should reply.”