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New Year Resolutions of famous Indians

05, Jan 2016 By khakshar

The Fakingnews is in possession of some notes written by some of the famous personalities of India. The notes are self explanatory. Some spin has been added by the correspondent to make it readable. These notes are about the New Year Resolution of famous Indians.

Arvind Kejriwal: Shall use language befitting of a Chief Minister. If required shall chew Paan so that I can utter less. (being practiced)

Narendra Modi: Shall travel less and be in seat of Power. (Seikh Haseena’s Birthday awaited)

New Year Resolution being practiced
New Year Resolution being practiced

Ashutosh: Will consult dictionary before Tweeting. ( It’s working. No Constipation in lieu of Constitution)

Arun Jaitely: Shall ensure that excise never exceeds fuel price. (Till the oil prices rise again)

Rahul Gandhi: Shall forget women empowerment and concentrate on farmer’s plight only. (Till Sanjay Jha turns into an expert on Agriculture)

Rohit Sharma: Shall showcase my talent.

Lalu Yadav: Other than Tejaswini  make Tej Pratap, Misha Bharti, Rabri Devi, Ragini and umpteen deputy Chief Ministers of Bihar

Ram Jethmalani: Shall ensure that every Scamster and Rapist is given justice (as defined by me)

Media: Shall cover Bihar floods with as much enthusiasm as Kashmir floods /Nepal Earthquake.

Aamir Khan: Satyamev Jayate! Will ask intolerant India to become tolerant so that the children of the rich can study in India.

FN Editors: Shall give more coverage to reports by Citizen Journalist (Till this absurd post by @khakshar is published)

Jawan: Shall be ready to die for follies of the system