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New way to defy price hike in cigarettes found

16, Jul 2014 By chralieharper

As soon as our finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley announced increase in taxes on tobacco products, Bhenchoo Sutta Community (BSC) in Hyderabad was struck hard by waves of anger and shock.

Our FN journalist reached community office which is at the Pandey Panwari shop in front of TCS office Gachhibowli, Hyderabad. This community was founded by Mr. Smokey Pal Singh(SPS) in his college days. Most of you have already heard the famous song “BC Sutta” in your college days, which describe how the protagonist was deprived from SUTTA at various junctures of his life. Actually that was the real life story of Smokey Pal Singh. Following are the glimpses of conversation held between two”

FN Journalist (FNJ): Sir, how are you feeling after this third time hike in cigarette prices in the same year?

SPS: Bhenchooo!! How would you feel in such type of crisis? These ever increasing prices of cigarettes have sent all comrades of BSC (BC Sutta community) in depression. Now, as prices are increasing exponentially, nobody shares his sutta with his comrades, which is a sign of divide in the brotherhood. “Earlier a man could share his sutta with anybody (a sign of solidarity), leave friends alone, good old days” sighed Smokey. Everything has a limit and this is it for cigarette price inflation.

I know we cannot reverse the government decision on price hike but our community’s executive body has come up to a solution after several meetings. We have decided to provide some oxygen to our financially struck and sutta deprived comrades in the following manner.

We have decided to start an institute (cum corporation) to provide a financial and knowledge infrastructure for our community.


Following are some suggestions that came up regarding the corporation in community meeting.

  1. This will be finance cum consultancy firm for all sutta lovers. This will provide two way solutions to ever increasing prices. First, they will be provided with finance on marginal interest rates depending on their annual demand of consumption which will be cross verified through their sutta buddies and office colleagues without their knowledge. Second, they will be provided with a consultancy platform for their knowledge about every aspect of smoking.
  2. Person who wants the services will have to become a member by filling an online form and paying a nominal fee. Initially this fee collection will be the source of funds. After some time this corporation will be registered in stock exchange and some share part will be given to members. Eureka! Eureka! Was the chant everywhere in the meeting after these revolutionary thoughts & suggestions.
  3. After successful implementation of these ideas, community will open a SUTTA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, where seekers will be provided with knowledge from experts and a workforce will be trained for SFCCS.

Now, the members or we should say shareholders of SFCCS will be benefited from all directions and will be safe from future inflations caused by government.

Some politicians are seeing this as a step towards thought revolution in India and looking forward to invest and buy some (means all) shares of this institution. Some big business houses are also looking for investment opportunities.