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New scheme for those give unwanted advise and suggestions

25, Aug 2017 By anujmaitrey

Since the current NDA government has taken over the reign, the PM is putting a lot of emphasis on Skill Development. There have been so many schemes launched, Skill Development, Stand up India etc. and surprisingly not a single scheme is named after any of his family members. What Mr Modi has observed with his experience, his Vishwa Darshan and through the suggestions he is receiving on NaMo app and portal, that every Indian possesses one very good skill, “Giving Advice/Suggestion or Gyaan”.

Unfortunately, nobody has ever noticed that we Indians just love advising, irrespective of caste, religion, gender, age and region. This is one skill which we get with our birth, get perfection by the time we start speaking and we further hone it throughout our lives. There are people who can give you tips on anything and everything under the sun, be it bigger issues like space sciences to Indo – Pak relations, refugee crisis of middle east, global economic slowdown or may be some miniscule issues such as which route to take to go to office everyday, how to make round rotis or how can you temper the electricity meter to save your electricity bill (if you are a UP resident, to get a bill you need a continuous supply of electricity).

Narendra Modi thanking Rahul Gandhi over his free political advises to him
Narendra Modi thanking Rahul Gandhi over his free political advises to him

Initially, the PM planned to bring a legislation to implement this but considering the fate of some important legislations in the upper house he has formed a committee of experts called, “Gangs Group of Gyaanis” (GoG).  This committed will have some esteemed names in giving suggestions to others, namely, Chetan Bhagat, Suhel Seth, Shobha De, Manish Tiwari, Kailash Vijaywargiya and will be headed by Justice Markendya Katju.

Ministry of Skill Development has finalized the scheme and named it AB BAS (Akhil Bhartiya Bank for Advices and Suggestions)

The objective of this scheme is to develop a bank or database, where people can submit their suggestions for different situations, so even if there is no one to listen your advice, you can just login and give digital advice, those who need it, they can take suggestions by logging in to their Aadhar linked account. Going by the Digital India theme, an app is also developed so that you can use your mobile phones too.

As we said earlier, we cover each and every topic for suggestions, but for the launch phase some special categories are created where people can submit their suggestions, basis the responses later more categories will be added, people can also advice to expand this list:

  1. People living in nuclear families advising on benefits of joint family
  2. People with no kids advising on parenting
  3. NRI / OCI / Green Card Holder living abroad and not planning to comeback advising on benefits of staying in India
  4. People visiting doctors with their google based gyaan
  5. Women Empowerment – Special sections for bachelor girls advising on how to handle Saas/Nanad (Mother and Sister in Law)
  6. Science students advising on career options in Arts/Commerce stream and vice versa
  7. Suggestions on superstitions socio-religious matters and rituals
  8. Obese people advising on losing weight and vice versa
  9. General section on suggestions for Indian Cricket Team, other sport persons, Politicians, Indo – Pak relations, global warming, US politics etc.

The punchline of this scheme is “सबका ज्ञान, सबका उत्थान” (Everybody’s knowledge, everybody’s upliftment)