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New restaurant chain launched in the metro cities to cater exclusively to fasting people.

16, Oct 2015 By chachachaudhary

Mumbai. Last week the joy of people fasting in Navratri in metro cities become manifold when a series of restaurants named “Bhakti with a touch of luxury” were launched. The USP of the restaurant is that they will exclusively cater to fasting people and menu would consist only of items which can be edible in fast.

Their Exclusive Item: Faraali (Vrat ka) Pizza
Their Exclusive Item: Faraali (Vrat ka) Pizza

Our reporter Bonobos was present at the inaugural launch function. The whole atmosphere and ambiance was made very devotional. The restaurant manager explained that it would automatically update the Facebook status of customers upon entering so that the whole world knows that the customer is on fast as well as eating in one of the luxury restaurants of the city. Manager also told that the restaurant strictly followed “Right to admission reserved” and ladies would only be allowed in traditional designer wear and the decorum inside the restaurant should not be spoiled. The restaurant has large LCD panels in which they will play special Festive Episodes of daily soaps of Ekta Kapoor. The manager explained that all the traditionally well dressed ladies in Ekta Kapoors shows showering unconditional love for their in-laws would set the tone for a nice meal. The restaurant manager was very confident that they will indeed revolutionize the entire fasting culture in India.

The menu consisted of five courses:

  • The first course consisted of Appetizers such as Fried Potato, Saabudaana Tikki, Banana wedges, Koftas of Raw Banana, Aaloo Tikki, Banana Tikki, Fried Shakarkand Tikki and Fried Saabudaana Paapad.
  • The second course consisted of soup along with dollops of cream. 28 options would be available in the soup.Specially prepared potato sticks deep fried in Desi Ghee would be provided as soup sticks.
  • The third or the main course consisted of Kuttu Poori, Aloo Poori, Vrat ke Aaloo, Saamakh Chawal, Singhaara Halwa, Aaloo Halwa, Kuttu Khichdi and Rajgir Khichdi with large serving of Desi Ghee.
  • Fourth course consisted of salad which includes all the exotic and Indian fruits along with fresh cream and cheese. The fruits included banana dressed salad with cream and dry fruit topping, apple exotica, dry fruit salad.
  • Fifth course consisted of deserts and puddings like fast Faaluda, Ice Creams, Saabudaana Kheer, Aaloo Halwa prepared in Desi Ghee, Rajgir Kheer.
  • The restaurants manager confirmed that anybody having full five courses would only consume anything between 6000 kcal to 8000 kcal which are less than calorie requirement of an average person for 3 days.

Still the said that even after above they will keep in-house physician with spare glucose and electrolytes if any of the customers are facing physical weakness because of the fasting.