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New crackers for this Diwali and how they work

23, Oct 2014 By MRP

A host of new crackers are on sale this Diwali. These are the names and and how they work.

“New crackers for Diwali”

Rahul – Mostly sleeps but sometimes makes abrupt noises that is fun to hear

Didi – Chatters without any pattern

Amma – Lights up when another cracker falls at its feet

Paneer Selvam – Lights up when it falls at the feet of Amma cracker

Kejriwal – Sounds like cough

Advani – Stops firing if another cracker is lit

Arnab – Makes continuous terrible noise as soon as taken out of the box and even without being lit. Louder than all other crackers around. Diffuses all other crackers

Sanjayjha – Keeps saying ‘Arnab, please’

Ajitsingh – Gets into your house and never leaves

Sadananda – The existing ‘train’ cracker has been renamed thus

Hemamalini – No sound, but dances

Kalmadi – Jumps into your pocket if there is money

Manishankar – Violently attacks other crackers

Lalu – Sounds like laughter, makes others laugh

Jaiswal – Spits coal like powder

Modi – Gives out light and sound in unexpected ways and amuses

Manmohan – Makes no sound even if set on fire