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New chapter in Harvard MBA course on ManMohan Singh

16, Sep 2012 By citizen

Students in the Harvard School of Business were perplexed to find that a new chapter has been included in their syllabus on Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh. The chapter is reported to be named as ” the art of silent annihilation”

When asked to a Harvard academician to throw light on the new changes he said that India has been a pioneer in creating new forms of administrative tactics ever since the days of Chanakya. He says that a new form of administrative and management tactic is gradually evolving in India led by the prime minister himself. And here in Harvard we will research in depth on this art. He says that india is no doubt a democratic institution but in the real sense monarchy is prevailing. He points to the rule of Gandhi dynasty.

Meanwhile the BJP in India is reading history book by D.N. Jha, AL Basham, R.S.Sharma etc to understand what is going on. But history is a vast subject and so they are taking time. So far Sushma Swaraj has sought the PM’s resignation as usual since the issue is related to Manmohan Singh. 

Back in Harvard some leaked pages from the printing press reads that the whole theme of the chapter is on how by just keeping silent the Indian Prime Minister is able to stir the entire opposition to jeopardy. The opposition remains at a loss to realise what to do and thus there happens to be a psychological attack on them by breaking there tempo. Humans derive pleasure by seeing others in agony and getting disturbed, but the rare art mastered by the Indian PM of not bringing any emotion out is the worst annihilation of the enemy. 

Harvard hopes to incorporate such rare art in the Modus operandi of CEOs they produce. 

Meanwhile IIPM think tank Arindam Choudhary who belives in giving thorn to completion is said to be tearing his hairs off for not able to see through such art. The man who has a hobby of rewriting proverbs is thinking how he missed counting his chickens. He said he will come up with something soon. 

Finally when asked Manmohan Singh about how he feels that Harvard has dedicated chapters on his name he in his usual manner and robotic voice said that “I have an unfinished task to do”. The million dollar questions is no body knows what is that work.