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Neighbors ask Shobhaa De to tweet against Total Meat-Fish Ban

13, Apr 2015 By khakshar

Mumbai: Shobha De’s neighbors had a grand high-tea party with Shiv Sena sponsored delicious Shiv Vada Pav and Dahi Misal, a couple of days ago. It is rumored that the great author herself found the Vada Pav and Dahi Misal to be too downmarket for her taste. The lady who is a regular on Page 3 for the lite food parties found the gifts by Sena too proletarian. She has been using this word “Proletarian” as a “Jumla” as often her writings have been termed such by mainstream writers.

Goodies sent by Shiv Sena to Shobha De
Goodies sent by Shiv Sena to Shobha De

We tried to take a stock of the situation at ground zero a couple of days aftermath. The Faking News correspondent was eyed with an utter skepticism by the housing society guard for being empty handed. The writer, columnist, activist, socialite refused to talk on account of  the professional rivalry. She explained that Faking News had hijacked what was her forte years ago that is the art of penning “Fake articles”.

Munching on leftovers a youth on the same floor pleaded us to ask Shobhaa De to tweet against proposed total meat and fish ban in Maharashtra. When we explained that the meat and fish ban was a rumor, he replied, “I Know” in as profound manner as the actor in Car Trade advertisement says. He explained that protesters might help taste the Non-Vegetarian delicacies. After all he had been on diet of Vada-Pav and Dahi Misal for a couple of days and needed Fish, Mutton or Chicken Curry for a change.

Meanwhile Pohe, Jhunka Bhakkar, Puran Poli sellers are planning to lead another protest feeling aggrieved that the famous writer has demeaned the other delicacies of Maharashtra.