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"Naxal attacks have nothing to do with Communism": Indian Communist leader

21, Apr 2015 By manithan

Jalpaiguri: An Indian Communist leader has voiced his concern that the recent and prolonged attacks by Naxals on Indian security forces and citizens have got nothing to do with Communism.

Speaking at a United Left gathering, Indian Maoist Communist Party (IMCP) party leader Somename Karat, said, “India has been facing attacks for a long time from Naxals. This country has lost a lot of its security forces and its citizens to this Naxalist insurgency. I want to clarify to India that all these attacks has nothing to do with Communism. It is deeply saddening that fringe groups could hijack our Communist principles and terrorise people. They do not represent Communism. They are out there to defame Communism.”

Death of Indian paramilitary forces has nothing to do with Communist ideologies.
Death of Indian paramilitary forces has nothing to do with Communist ideology.

He continued, “Such fringe groups with extremist ideologies have contributed to give communism a bad name. Our great leaders Stalin and Mao tried to suppress Left wing extremism and purged all the fringe groups which associated itself with Communism. History have blamed them as mass murderers, but they were actually dealing with rising extremism, in the name of Communism. We will also try to control the voices that even associates Communism with such extremism. That is why you see our brothers do some cleaning acts in West Bengal and Kerala. It again has nothing to do with communism. They call Naxal threat area as Red corridor and Communist army as Red army. This is more of RSS-BJP conspiracy, wherein they deploy Zionist technique to defame their opponent. Don’t you know Red is a variant of Saffron? So, naxals are actually Saffron terrorists. Their religion is Hinduism and so Naxals have got everything to do with Saffron terrorism.”

He concluded the speech with, “I urge non-communist brothers to read about Communism and understand it before criticising it. They should stop doing racist attacks on Communists. We all knew how entire world is now Commiephobic. We urge them to know about Karl Marx. Know Marx, Know Marxism. No Marx, No Marxism. “

This speech had moved Communist brothers to such an extent that they tried to spread peace in the nearby villages by enabling some Hindu extremists, who were sleeping in their home after working in the farms, to rest in peace.