Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Navy uses Priyanka Chopra music to kill Pak terrorists

01, Nov 2013 By Ash Kabir

Indian special Naval forces patrolling the Arabian Sea turned the table on a group of would be terrorists from Pakistan by subjecting them to Priyanka Chopra’s music, driving them to suicide.

Spotting the militants from a far, Indian Navy LT. Bunta Singh put on special earmuffs and blasted the song “Exotic” by the plastic surgery queen on his warship’s loudspeakers.

On the enemy ship, each militant clutched their ears one by one in vein. Unable to avoid hearing the bad autotune, they all decided to detonate their suicide vests rather than hear “love me all the way to r-r-r-r-rio!” one more time.

One terrorist however was captured when his suicide vest failed to explode. It is believed that the copper wiring inside his bomb was faulty because his handlers had purchased substandard copper emanating from the UPAs latest Copper Scam.

Congress mouthpiece Sanjay Jha praised the corruption of his colleagues as “patriotic.”