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Naughty engineering student nominates 5 buxom girls for ALS ice bucket challenge

22, Aug 2014 By bvikks

Jaipur. Showing his concerns for ALS diseased patients, Manmohan Sharma (name changed) of Mechanical engineering branch today successfully completed the ice bucket challenge. This is his first successful completed task after he somehow managed to pass 12th board exams. Speculations are that a 10 rupees note, that he deliberately left in every answer sheet helped him a bit.

2 of the 5 the girls chosen
2 of the 5 the girls chosen

The bucket, as usual, was borrowed from his fellow hostel mates without their permission. This is Manmohan Sharma’s second attempt to look cool in Facebook community after the Harlem shake dance video (solo). Manmohan sharma, an aspirant for IAS, divulged his preparation level while explaining how ALS is a type of minor cold. And since cold kills cold, according to his Bollywood theorm of “loha lohe ko kat-ta hai”, the ice bucket challenge is invented. He declined to comment on the donation amount that he is willing to give. He was very confident in prescribing zhandu balm as a possible cure for ALS in his another Facebook post. Emami limited, owner of zhandu balm, on the other hand are in dilemma whether to sue Manmohan sharma for using their name or celebrate the increase in sale of zhandu balm ensued because of the prescription by Manmohan on Facebook.

Needless to say, the five nominated girls have blocked Manmohan as soon as they received notification as other girls and some guys too have in the past. With decreasing number of even male friends in Manmohan’s list, it would be very difficult for him to consider even changing his preferences in the future. When asked about his decreasing popularity among girls and the new stunt that he pulled to gain the same, Manmohan suggested that since this interview is about ALS patients, we should not increase its TRP by discussing his personal life.

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