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NASA spacecraft pings from Pluto, Earth decodes the message

15, Jul 2015 By anishk

It is indeed an iconic moment for science today. The NASA New Horizon spacecraft just did the unthinkable today. It flew by Pluto..!! Apparently, it sent some EM signals to the NASA base station as it flew past the trans-Neptunian dwarf. But even before the scientists could get down to chalk out the further course of action, people across the world are pouring in with their interpretations of the signals sent.

Next thing up after coming in contact with Earth

No event in this world is worth it without a comment from the Congress general secretary Mr.Diggi Singh. Within minutes of the news he convened a press briefing and said, “This ping from Pluto has a deeper message in it. It shows the mass appeal and acceptance our dynamic vice-president Shri.Rahul Baba has.”

Barely 20 yards away, Smriti Irani had a different take on the subject. “I’ll ensure that any such kind of signals sent by an Indian spacecraft reaches the Earth in Sanskrit”, she said as she came out of her Merc.

The astrologers seem to have got their fodder for at least the next few months. Down the lane,they were busy distributing pamphlets with the list of Shaanti Pujas to be done to mitigate the effects of such ‘evil signals’.

The corporate world too has reacted gleefully to this news. Tata has already called a war room meeting to market the Nano on Pluto. “It’s a tiny car for a tiny planet”, said one of the execs as he hurried into the board room.

The Russian space program scientists meanwhile refuted the claims of any such achievement by NASA. “It’s no big deal. We already have our spacey on Pluto since 15 years.We get such signals everyday”, a junior scientist said.

Back home researchers at the ISRO took a new oath today : Do this in FLAT 50 %