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Narendra Modi's draft speech of PM for 15th Aug 2014 leaked

15, Aug 2013 By rofl gujju

Delhi. (Next Year) Today is certainly a day of joy for us. But on this celebration of independence we also feel pain in our hearts that our brothers and sisters in 10 janpath had face devastation . Our deepest sympathies with all the families of congress MPs who lost election . I want to assure the people of congress that the whole country stands with them in this moment of crisis. Our government will work to keep congress outside from rule.

Our swamy Army, IT cell paramilitary forces , Tweeple army and numerous volunteers and staff of the State government worked in difficult conditions in partnership with the voters to perform an outstanding task to form government in delhi . We especially pay homage to the Lalkrishna adavani for the humble support.

We are also deeply pained for our ex –ally JD which met with accident with us last year. Eighteen brave MPs are feared to have lost their chairs . The accident is all the more painful because we achieve great success in NDA and in Bihar and kept friendly relations for 17 years.

Brothers and sisters, we achieved independence in 1947 under the leadership of sardar patel . If we look at our subsequent journey, we would find that our country has seen major changes every ten years.

In the sixties, Indulal Yagnik set up new state Gujarat , implemented new irrigation projects and opened new industries . By laying emphasis on the role of Management in nation building we started IIM Ahmedabad to transforming this ancient country into a modern nation.

In the seventies, Jayprakash narayan boosted our confidence as a nation. During this period, we launched Nav nirman aandolan . The student Revolution enabled us to be self sufficient in Indian politics for the first time.

In the year 1991, under the leadership of chiman bhai patel we successfully negotiated a major politic crisis and embraced reforms for strengthening our Government . These reforms were opposed by many political parties at that time.

The common man has been given new identity which have led to his secular empowerment.

Brothers and Sisters, the first NDA+ government came to power in May 2014. Ever since, we have worked with sincerity and honesty to build a progressive and modern Hindustan .

We have envisioned a prosperous India. An India which has got rid of centuries old burden of poverty, hunger and disease. Walking on the path of swami vivekanand , we driven away the darkness of ignorance and superstition.

Where there is secularity and all citizens enjoy equal economic opportunity. Where no section of the society faces injustice and exploitation.

Brothers and Sisters,we have recently issued an Ordinance towards Anti Dynasty rule . It is now before Parliament and we hope it will be passed shortly. This law will benefit 99 per cent of indian citizen . Under the law, we are going to end the serials of chacha-bhatija , Mama-bhnja and Sasu-damad rule form indian politics.

We have been able to implement this law only because of the hard work of our voters . Our dynasty MPs production reached a record level 25% seats of loksbha.

The average annual rate of Tweeples in the 11th Plan was 3.6 millions , which is highest in world.

We can solve many of the problems that our country faces by deploying more diplomats in USA . The Instant visa scheme is a good example. Under the scheme, by the end of this year, about 50 lakhs people will visit USA and this will bring them convenience in their daily lives. It will also enable crores of NRIs to frequent visit of their motherland India.

Let us all re-dedicate ourselves to building such an India together.

Dear children, please repeat with me thrice: Jai Hind, Garvi Hindustan,Vande Mataram