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Narendra Modi to visit Moon soon, $1B mission likely to be announced

31, May 2015 By navjit

Bengalore: People of India, it seems, would have to wait more to get a glimpse of their beloved PM. After travelling all over the world on leisure diplomatic tours, PM Narendra Modi is now planning his next trip to Moon.

He will be the first PM across the globe to accomplish this milestone. As per our sister channel India TV, 15000 Supporters are soon rushing towards ISRO (Swadeshi) to book their tickets to moon. Our sources have got exclusive access to Modiji’s itinerary on the Moon. Here it goes:

1) Land moon on 30th Feb, 2016 at 00:00 Hrs MST (Moon Standard Time)

2) 10000* (100 Photoshopping) Bhakts will be available at SLP (Space-Shuttle Landing port).

3) 100 Media-persons with 300 Cameras will be available at SLP.

4) Speech delivery at the main craters  namely Pluto, Kepler.

5) Bhakts are planning to name one crater as ‘Modi Crater’, will be inaugurated by Modiji at 05:00 MST.

6) Meeting with Lunar real estate agents. Might offer them 1 Billion USD to improve business and improve diplomatic ties.

7) Wave towards India from Moon at 07:00 MST.

8) Wave goodbye to bhakts and board the space-shuttle.

9) Chanting of slogan: Main Desh nahi jhukne dunga, main desh nahi jhukne dunga. This will be also be declared Moon’s “satellite anthem”.

Meanwhile sources say that property rates on the Moon saw record jump amid news that Robert Vadra is also coming through a SpaceX capsule.