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Narendra Modi appointed by NASA to address aliens in the first ever Inter Galactic meet

10, Jul 2015 By deadisalive

With NASA planning its first ever Inter Galactic meet in 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been chosen as the first ever human being in history to address the alien life.

“I invite all the interested Aliens to our Vibrant Gujarat Business Summit.”: Narendra Modi

The decision came in after it was observed by NASA scientists that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has travelled more than any other human being on the planet and has unbelievable liaison skills. Jewish Kumar, a scientist with NASA remarked, “He is the modern day’s Ibn Battuta. He is the greatest traveler of modern times. With his diverse cultural, geographical expertise, exemplifying orator ship and unmatched charm; he is most capable man to represent planet earth in the Inter Galactic conference. Even aliens are his fan.”

However, an undisclosed source close to NASA revealed something else. “The real reason they are sending Prime Minister Modi is that he is Gujarati because NASA plans to initiate some business talks with aliens from Andromeda galaxy. And a Gujarati can do business even with aliens.”

And as always Narendra Modi has tweeted a message in a some random alien language ahead of the Inter galactic meet, and has already gained a fan following. He plans to open RSS wings in all the alien planets he will visit.