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Narayan Sai to enter the Bigg Boss House, police astounded

05, Nov 2013 By fakemale

Ring out the old, ring in the new seems to be the mantra of Bigg Boss 7 as the latest wild card entry Narayan Sai is all set to enter the Bigg Boss House. Just a minor mention of this astonishing news will create ripples both inside and outside the Bigg Boss House.

Finally at the right place.

According to a source the spiritual leader is wanted in a rape case, hiding in a disciple’s house in a posh Agra locality, hundreds of kilometers away from the locations Gujarat Police was looking for him.

The son of Hindu preacher Asaram Bapu, who arrived in Mumbai just four days ago is oblivious to all that has transpired inside the Bigg Boss house so far. However he is completely smitten by the reality show’s host Salman Khan and is well aware of the hold and power the superstar commands in the country. That’s not surprising because Narayan has grown up seeing his films – it’s classified and seems besotted by the star’s good looks.

Apparently, Narayan has able to comprehend that living in the Big Boss House is much safer than outside. An insider spoke with faking news on the condition of anonymity, “He is fed up running from law enforcement, his followers and women devotees. Shri Narayan Prem Sai is a renowned spiritual leader symbolizes the highest manifestation of divinity in a human form”.

Inexorable Sai had to take this extreme step after hearing the notorious brawls, happened in the past few weeks. He will elucidate Bhakti-Gyan-Yoga techniques to all the irascible people to control their anger and behavior on the exquisite set built in the vibrant Lonavala city, Pune district of Maharashtra.

Sai who claims himself as Brahm gyani (knower of God) will stay in women’s room because he would like to teach them some special yoga postures to increase their physical and breathing stamina, revealed by the insider with a grin on his face. The show producers are very elated, “Sai will complete the missing ingredient of the show”.

On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Shobha Bhutade, who is monitoring the investigation of the complaint lodged against Sai at Jehangirpura police station, received an anonymous call on November 3rd to provide an update on this new development, Umrah police inspector C K Patel said on Monday.

The police are flabbergasted on this entire development, their special teams are ready to nab Narayan Sai before he slips into the brawl house. However, if he manages to get inside the house then they have no other choice but to wait, until he is evicted or wins the game.

Nevertheless the audience feels that the show is losing its TRP and unquestionably it’s going out the hands of the production house, Salman Khan has already avowed that this could be his last show.