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Narayan Sai is not absconding, he is busy in ‘Coconut Yatra’ to woo voters

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Somewhere in India:  Mr.Ajay Dewan has astounded everybody with inexplicable information about Narayan Sai. If we believe on his latest statement, then it will completely revolutionize the entire missing controversy of the Godman, who proclaims he is the second birth of Lord Krishna.

Sai Ji at coconut yatra.

According to the party’s spokesperson, the self-styled Godman is busy in rallies, held at the different parts of the country. “Earlier he had no such plans but after watching a successful rally at Gujarat, Bihar & Amritsar our party is very optimistic that the common people are all set for the much-needed change in the foul politics.”

Armed with a coconut, Ojaswi Party chief Sant Shri Shri Narayan Prem Sai Ji is taking the Congress, BJP and the AAP head on with his new Coconut Yatra, the party spokesman also added “Shri Narayan Prem Sai Ji is the Party’s PM candidate for the upcoming elections. Sai Ji is the star campaigner of the party and is in huge demand with candidates for their campaigning. The roadshow will ensure he covers as many as constituencies as possible. The party leader has undertaken several ‘padyatras’, Bapu ji is already in the jail to teach yoga asan’s to inmates. The party is expected to release its central manifesto soon. It will be followed by the release of constituency-wise manifestos.”

Party’s Slogan :-

Join Indian Politics To Give A Clean Government – Join Ojaswi Party Now!

Reporter: When this party was formed and what is the objective of the party?

Spokesman: Ojaswi Party is the National Party in India and is always working in the interest of farming community. Ojaswi Party is recently constituted under supervision of Param Pujya Sant Shri Shri Narayan Prem Sai Ji; it is constantly working for the welfare of the society. Bapu Ji has various lands on his name where he has shown himself as farmer to feel the pain of being a farmer.

Reporter: Bapu Ji and his son have been accused of land grabbing how can he work for their benefits?

Spokesman (with a little angry look): This is hogwash allegations to tarnish our party image, on the contrary, Ojaswi Party is dedicated to the all-round uplift of Villagers, Laborers’, Rural and Urban areas and the downtrodden and exploited. It draws inspiration from Gandhian principles, our rich heritage and the noble traditions of our struggle for national independence.  Munificent Bapu Ji and his abstemious son Shri Sai deem the right of peaceful and democratic dissent including Satyagrah or non-violent resistance as a fundamental right of the people and same is the principle of their zillions of followers.

Reporter: “Satyagrah”, “non-violent”, it is amusing that you say this because initially when reporters came to your doorstep then your tranquil followers brutally assaulted them gruesomely.

Spokesman (almost lost his cool):Slapped our reporter twice and said did you mean something like this? Sorry those people were not our party’s workers they were sent by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Ji, as a part of conspiracy.

Suddenly, our reporter realized that the room is filled with party workers and wicked looking followers equipped with hockey sticks, chains, bats and revolvers to showcase their tranquil intentions towards our naive reporter, therefore he decided to cut the interview in the middle.

Off the record, he was pulled out by the workers, later they threw him on the busy street and took away his newly bought DSLR camera hence we will not be able to share the obscene photos that were taken by our reporter.