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Names of Swiss bank account holders revealed, three auto drivers in the list

02, Jul 2014 By sameer0440

Finally the Switzerland government has revealed the name of Swiss Bank account holders name. Apart from few businessmen, list contains name of 3 auto drivers and 2 policemen who works for passport address verification.

The three auto driver S. Manjunath, D. Manjunath and Manjunath P  were arrested when they got stuck in traffic at Marathalli. Two of them had a semi circular knife which they said, they use for cutting coconut  and not for threating people.

Auto race
Profitable business.

During the investigation they agreed about the money in account and defended by saying that they only drive  during the night and during rain, outside the pubs. They are trying to reach government for help as their money is being called “Black” is a true example of racism in India. They said, they were innocent as they travel Tirupati  twice a year, donate money to save tax, never ask for extra money over the meter and it was really shocking that their meter was working fine.

Meanwhile, the names of two policemen are not disclosed and the department is saying that they don’t even know English how can they have account in Swiss bank. After investigation it was found that both of them have a Leela Palace Premium Membership.

Auto driver community is asking for CBI investigation for this issue as it is just a trap to defame and decrease the traveling charges.