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"Name us in the Black Money Holder list", thousands of applications from businessmen to Centre govt

28, Oct 2014 By RT

“Thousands of applications from businessmen and professionals alike are thronging into the doors of Income Tax Department and the Finance Ministry,” sources told Faking News, on the day of Centre’s announcement of 3 names in an affidavit to SC. All the applicants, invariably, requested to be named in the next list #BlackMoneyHolder.

Matter of prestige and publicity

Please find an excerpt, when Faking News tracked down one of the applicants, Mr. KaruppuSamy, for a quick chat.

FN: Mr. KaruppuSamy, did you send an application to be named in the list #BlackMoneyHolder?

KS: You betcha!

FN: Why? Seems very unusual and risky!

KS: Tell me something! These 3 guys in #BlackMoneyHolder list, have you ever heard about them?

FN: No.

KS: Precisely my point! Now, the entire India knows these 3 guys. They don’t even have a WIKI page, for crying out loud! See! What this kind of publicity can do to my business?

FN: Are you not worried about investigations and trials?

KS: Who knows? Or who cares? It will take years for the trial. Tell you a secret! I do not even have a Swiss bank account. Even if the investigators find one, I can use part of the money for business, know what I mean!?

FN: Okie Dokie! Good luck Mr. KaruppuSamy!

KS: Thanks. I just hope and pray my name gets in the second list #BlackMoneyHolder, for people to know me, remember me and do business with me!

When FN team was about to leave, Mr. KaruppuSamy quipped that if his name is translated into English, it would be ‘BlackGod’. Further probing into the applications, FN learnt that all kinds of people have figured in the list aspiring to make it to #BlackMoneyHolder.

  1. Have savings account in India but have French Connection
  2. Have seen the movie ‘The French Connection’
  3. Have visited France or Switzerland once as a tourist

As the entire nation is waiting for the second list with bated breath, sources tell Faking News that the centre is going to adopt lottery system for the second list #BlackMoneyHolder.