Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Nagar Nigam avoids fogging drive

27, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why does the Nagar Nigam avoid its responsibility? Fogging is not regularly done by the responsible civic authorities. That is why the city dwellers are facing the dread of dengue. There is the dominance of the buzzing mosquitoes all around. There is no restriction on the insanitary conditions prevailing in city’s different areas and the occasional water logging has heightened the seriousness of the menace to a broader level. However, the residents raise the constant demand of fogging. They even remain unaware of the fogging drive commonly undertaken by the municipal corporation’s health department.

Our elected Corporators appeared to have been overlooked this vital matter otherwise the absolute negligence would not have been maintained. It is proven actuality if the normal fogging continued in the different localities, the mosquitoes’ menace would have minimised. But the smoke spilling vehicle is not coming on the roads for the reasons better known to the officials concerned. During the ongoing rainy days, there is a collection of the rain water in every ditch which helps the mosquitoes’ breeding on a big scale. In spite of this situation, the health department is observing a very lax attitude towards the problem directly related to the common people.

The fogging is an exceedingly effective way to fight with the mosquitoes but it is not applied in the practical terms. When the residents were asked whether they are aware of the fogging drive, they were unanimous in saying of their ignorance in this regard. They were surprised when the fogging was done last time in their respective localities. Most of the residents said that they had not seen the fogging van for the past about one decade. If it is not being initiated in densely populated localities, the Kanpur Municipal Corporation was keeping its sham image of the clean city before the taxpaying people.