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Nadal ends up complaining about his own noises

30, Jun 2012 By harku

The Scotland Yard were earlier today, pressed into action by Nadal’s parents who filed a complaint about the terrible noises that came from the other end of the court that distracted their son into losing.

Nadal smelt defeat in five sets to Lukas Rosol in whats widely considered the biggest upset in Men’s Tennis since Amelie Mauresmo losing to Svetlana Kuznetsova. Nadal who reportedly got distracted by someone other than himself grunting during the game, was seen complaining to his mom who spoke to the referee to no avail.

Nadal who believed that these were from Rosol, his nemesis in yesterdays game, was in for a rude shock.

Investigating into the Wimbledon 2nd round match, Scotland Yard realized the sounds from the other side of the court were actually echos of Nadal’s grunts from the previous game returning to haunt him while he was serving.

Nadal, who holds a patent and hence a monopoly on causing disturbances in centercourt is expected to sue Robin Soderling who he believes is behind the poor acoustics.