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N.I.T student traumatized after teacher marks him absent for a week

14, Mar 2014 By shubham7

A 2nd year engineering student at National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra is in trauma after his teacher marked him absent for one whole week.

The incident occurred during the 3rd period on Wednesday when fluid mechanics professor D.K. Bose found out that someone tried to mark a proxy attendance for Utkarsh.

depressed man
“What should I do?”

Aggrieved by the students behaviour in class Prof. Bose lashed out at the students and marked Utkarsh absent for a week. Upon being later informed by friends about the teacher’s action over the phone, Utkarsh fell silent, dropped his phone and went into a state of shock and hasn’t been talking much since then.

Protesting against the teacher’s action, the students are sitting on a dharna outside Directors office demanding an action against Prof. D.K.Bose and shouting D.k.bose d.k.bose d.k.bose.

One of the students told reporter that it is hard earned attendance, they brave the cold in the morning by getting out of their blankets to attend lectures and these so called teachers behave ruthlessly.

“That is the only reason for us to attend the lectures and they have managed to snatch the last piece of happiness from us,”  said another student.

Needless to say, his parents are outraged and can’t fathom how this could have happened. They have approached MHRD Minister Kapil Sibal for this matter. The child is showing steady recovery after the college authorities awarded him with advanced attendance for the whole semester.