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Muthy installed centralize AC in home with hope to become the President of India

18, Apr 2017 By rofl gujju
The honest social man
The honest social man

Lyutens Delhi: After the Adavani and Venkaiya Naidu, a new name included in the list of the top contenders for the Next presidential election. As per faking news sources, Murthy is now running ahead in the battle of the president election in the Lyutens zone.

Murthy who is smart that started his political carrier with the social activity by giving shelter to the society member in the hot summer days. People of his society elected him president of society just cause of his “Air condition”. This Incite Murthy to install centralize AC system in home that may help to win next president election of India. As per the FN sources, Murthy installed the centralize AC in home and due to this he is running ahead then other candidates in presidential race.