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Mumbai students in Kolkata face sedation over cheering for KKR loss

07, Mar 2014 By manithan

Kolkata: A group of Mumbai students in Kolkata is facing charges of sedation for apparently cheering the city’s arch rival Mumbai Indians in a cricket match.

The students of a university in Kolkata city were suspended at the weekend after the IPL T20 match in which Mumbai Indians won Kolkata Knight Riders. A sedation charge carries more times of forced sleep during matches, thereby missing other matches of KKR.

SRK Sleeping
Shahrukh facing sedation charges for acting in Mumbai based Bollywood

Ronondo Bose, one of the students said, “We already feel sedative during classes and during exams. But we are alert only when there is IPL match. And now, they are snatching our fundamental right by sedating us during IPL matches.”

This news comes as a shocker to Shahrukh Khan, who was already banned from entering Mumbai stadium. He appeared very tensed and said, “See.. this chchchcharge of sesessedation is not gogogogooing to deter us. Okkkk!”

Royal Challengers Bangalore team owner Vijay Mallya said the charge against the students was “unacceptably harsh”. “I believe what the students did was wrong and misguided but they certainly didn’t deserve to have charges of sedation slapped against them,” Mr Mallya tweeted.

He said the punishment would “ruin their [students’] futures and will further alienate them”. Mr Vijay Mallya said he would talk to Mukesh Ambani and “intervene on behalf of these misguided students”.

When asked about tweets of Vijay Mallya, Kejriwal said, “We all know Ambani controls everyone and the remote is in Modi’s hands. This is plot by Ambani to control West Bengal and let Modi unleash his terror reign there. We urge our AAP members to not to lay down the students after the sedative is given. We believe in non-tiredness”.

The incident happened at the Rabindra Bhattacharjee University in Kolkata city on Sunday where a group of students allegedly “celebrated Mumbai Indian’s win”, leading to arguments with other college mates, reports say.

The university administration then ordered an inquiry and decided to suspend the students as a “precautionary measure”. Some of the Mumbai students denied any wrongdoing in their statements to the media.

Cricket matches between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders are tense, dramatic affairs and are passionately followed in both cities. Claimed by both cities in its entirety, Rani Mukherjee has been a flashpoint for more than 20 years.