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Mumbai Autowala waits till car takes reverse, wins hearts of bystanders

08, Jul 2015 By tusharads

In a surprising incident at Marol Maroshi during peak hours around 9.00 a.m. an autowalla halted his Auto while a car was taking reverse while stuck taking U-turn on busy junction.

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One of these created the magic

This action caught everyone’s attention and bystanders stood  shell shocked but were quick to recognize this historic event.

They clapped and danced around. There was a mad frenzy. Some went overboard and took the auto driver on their shoulders and danced around.

Chulbul Pandey, the Auto driver was smiling ear to ear. He stated, “I normally ride my auto thinking there are no brakes, and come what may I need to cruise along. But something snapped in me and my inner voice took over which told me to stop and let the car take its turn.”

Meanwhile the car owner was unavailable for comment but eye witness informed that he went away with teary eyes.

Mumbai Auto Union has condemned this act and threatened suspension of drivers who will repeat this feat. Chulbul Pandey has been left with first and final warning.