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Multilevel and multiple persons inception being discussed with Nolan by NRI Andhraites

24, Aug 2013 By sarcasticscribe

After the recent developments in Andhra Pradesh , NRIs in US have received numerous requests asking for their help to bring normalcy in the state.

NATA sources informed faking news that they have received requests to contact famous Hollywood director Nolan and actor Dicaprio to perform inception.

NATA spokesperson said ” The request is in initial stages for the past 8 weeks as the people requesting for inception have not yet decided on how many people should this inception is to be performed.

While many say that is is to be performed only for one Madam Lady. Equal number of requests are being received for Mr. Digvijay and other 500+ MPs and also for 200+ MLAs from Andhra Pradesh.”

When faking news tried to contact managers of both Nolan and Dicaprio , Alfred manager of Nolan informed us ” This is very big and is still being discussed. We have done this on single person until now. To perform multilevel and multiple person inception we need more time, people and more sleeping pills. As soon as we have all these basic logistics served we will test this on few senators here to check if it works on politicians or is inception limited to industrialists. We can expect this to be happening as soon as Nolan finishes his current film.”

Jack , manager to Dicaprio, informed that Dicaprio also suggested to involve another Super Star from India who is also a politician. Having multiple stars will bring more stardom and popularity to the program of inception itself he concluded.

We from faking news side wish and hope heart fully that this gets sorted out easily and quickly even before Antony committee submits its report which will probably be in 2019 elections time.