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Multi Modal Races - Chennai MTC's latest plan for Transport Integration

19, Jul 2013 By skysun

Chennai: MTC has been known to be non-cooperative when it comes to integration of passenger facilities with other transit modes in the city. Legend says that MTC buses have always been known to skip, evade, bypass or shy away from suburban stations, MRTS stations and the airport too. This is apparent in the case of MRTS, where the bus stops are “strategically positionedlight years away from the MRTS stations.

But when it comes to racing, there is a stark contrast.

The MTC buses have been seen racing against suburban and express trains on Mount Road and GST road on the stretch between Guindy Race Course Road and Chengalpet.

An MTC bus (route G18) recently won the race against 12663 down, Chennai Egmore to Kanyikumari Super-Fast Express. Upon thorough investigation with eye witnesses including passengers from both the bus and the train, as well as other onlookers, Faking News has exclusively found out the complete details of this race (that went on the train tracks and the GST road which runs parallel to it) and its timeline.

The race was flagged off at Guindy race course & railway station where the bus and train synchronously crossed the same point. Although the train had a high initial speed, the MTC picked up pace exponentially.

Onlookers also said the G18 (bus) was completely ahead of the 12663-down (train) after the vehicles crossed each other at Chomepet. At the moment when the driver of the G18 bus finally decided to press the brakes near Guduvanchery terminus skipping all the bus stops and jumping all the signals en-route, it’s understood that the train was “far behind” just chugging out of platform 9 at Tambaram railway station.

Enthused and encouraged by this achievement, the driver of the G18 bus (starting from Guduvanchery) decided to race against 6E 523, the Indigo flight from Chennai to Kolkata.

The race synchronously began with the aircraft near the south end of the primary runway and the MTC at an equivalent position on the parallel GST road.

This time, unlike the train, the race was more thrilling and exciting to watch, viewers told the reporters. Just before the anti-climax, viewers said that the MTC was seemingly ahead of the Indigo by a few milli-meters.

Speaking to the media later, the MTC bus driver said “It’s not a fair practice. One should stay till the end of the race and not fly away…

Analyzing this, the Guindy race course club, the organizers of the race, in their press release have mentioned “We have disqualified the Indigo for unfair means. It had taken off from ground before the race ended. We affirmatively declare the MTC bus to have won the race”.

With all the hype around, famous journalist bark datt from NDeeTV interviewed this driver. In one of the questions, she is reportedly to have asked him when he would race against a MRTS train in the city?, to which he angrily responded, ” I will sue you (angrily) I’ll file a defamation case against your channel…This is an outrageous insult to my talent. Even a snail can win a race against the MRTS trains”. Bark datt, promptly apologized saying that she is not from Chennai.

She was later informed by her colleagues over the phone from Chennai office of NDeeTV, that the trains of the MassRapid” transit system in the city faithfully halt at every station, and the spacing between consecutive stations is only a few millimeters. After doing the math of speed, time and distance, she seems to have understood this.