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Mukesh Harane files a law suit, demanding compensation for being rumored died of cancer

08, Apr 2015 By yogendra

India: Mukesh Harane, who died of cancer at the age of 24 and now all set to have rebirth files a law suit demanding compensation. He said that he is feeling highly offended now when he saw a report of some committee suggesting tobacco doesn’t cause cancer in India.

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When asked what is the point of being offended he replied, “Before every movie I have been projected as a victim of tobacco for long now some ‘noted’ people of India are saying that tobacco doesn’t cause it. I am going by the words of these noted people and feeling offended as it is simply a rumor then that I was died of cancer why doctors say in that short movie that I had oral cancer because of tobacco. If  these ‘noted’ people are right (which I suppose are) then doctors are simply spreading rumors in that short movie and maligning my image too after my death. I am feeling highly guilty for tobacco lobby for their revenue losses due to me.”

When media person asked about the amount of compensation he said, “I will claim Rs.100 for every time my short film has been aired in any of the theater in India since my death.”

Media persons little surprised and when further asked to him about what would he do with this lot of money he said, “I am all set to take a new birth with this money I will chew a hell lot of tobacco in new birth and when my lungs will produce a lot of tar I mean इतना सारा टार which will come from my स्पंज सामान फेंफड़े  then I will donate that tar to government with that ‘इतना सारा टार’ government can recover their losses of coal block scam so on the one hand it will help the government and people and on the other hand it will reduces my guilt when tobacco lobby will gain revenue from me”

Let’s see what would be the standpoint of court on Mukesh Harane’s suit.