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MTV to host new season of Jat Agitation instead of Roadies

20, Mar 2017 By AdityaSachan
"We want Jat reservation in Rodies too"
“We want Jat reservation in Rodies too”

As Jat Agitation is about to begin this year, promising more violence, illogical actions, injustice and lots of political drama. MTV decided to host it, since every year Jat Agitation is getting better and is much popular than their own show Roadies.

“Yes, we are thinking to host the new season for Jat Protests this year. It happens every year, and follows almost same guidelines like our show Roadies. But it is now more popular among youth. Our aim is to showcase violence, Stupidity and obscene things along with lot of drama. Jat Agitation follows the same script of Roadies. Hence it is very important for our brand to support it”, confirms an insider from MTV.

Whether Raghu and Ranvijay will anchor this too, is yet to be confirmed. But everyone is looking forward for new season for Jat Protests.