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Mrs.Pratibha Devisingh Patil likely to join as an Expert Vacation Adviser

05, Oct 2012 By mannpathak

As per to gain a competitive edge plans to appoint Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil as they describe, their “Expert Vocation Adviser” (EVA). A senior PR spokesman from clarified. The business is very competitive these days. You find loads of service providers but somehow we concluded that “Customer delight factor” is missing. Especially, when we analyse feedback of our big ticket customers. Attrition rates are high and loyalty is on struggling grounds. Even investing on glamorous super stars is not fetching any rich dividend. Our core management was struggling with the challenge and then finally to our blessing came this great idea, we researched and analysed and found her the best ambassador before declaring her Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil as our Expert Vacation Adviser.

She is the best we have known. Look, there are big ticket customers wanting more apt adviser suggesting the best mesmerizing, delightful places around the globe. We appreciated this demand and wanted to be transparent to our customer. We thought, for e.g. how can you articulate Miami Beach efficiently, until you haven’t spent leisure time yourself. The respected lady has been traveling every heavenly place around the globe on her official visits and that too with her family. We even cross checked those hefty invoices to clear our doubt that we believed, how a president manages to do so once it’s a tight official trip. But a family-woman Mrs. Patil, was making the balance and spending pleasure time with family. This was just a right fit for us, her expertise and experience will give customer the much better sharing than anyone can. What’s an add on benefit to this is, the customer can get educated on the precious gifts they can approach now with no difficulty as we have an expert who actually has all the gifts she received as on her tenure as country’s president.

We tried contacting Mrs. Patil on the matter, but her close servant confirmed she is coping with hysteria as retied president. After finally trying hard, we finally contacted her close family member, who confirmed that such offer was approached and Mrs. Patil is thinking into the matter. We also have a source, who confirms that an undisclosed amount has been offered which was rejected by Mrs. Patil admiring the world map with disappointment but there after makemytrip probing into the matter found some Red Dark circles marked on the world map hanging on a wall of her dressing Room. Frequently observing Mrs. Patil disappointed face, once looking at the Map, makemytrip finally then offered a fringe benefit. An undisclosed package with a luxury travel trip to makeup those places that remain unturned during her tight working schedule as President of India.

Sources reveals that is already in touch with advertising agencies and the first shoot for the add will be selected only after suggestion with their so called “Expert Vacation Adviser”.