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MPs to tour foreign countries without making people angry

27, Jun 2014 By pakya1283

After huge dissent among the people of india,  following some MLAs’ decision to visit Brazil on taxpayers’ money for “knowledge & welfare” purposes; MPs have figured out a new way to go on foreign tours by which people would not be hurt and actually appreciate MPs decision.

The decision involves a political party sending a delegation of 5 MPs to Croatia, Morocco and Iceland where currently the shooting of the popular TV series Game of Thrones is being carried out.

Game changer.

“The delegation would have MPs which may or may not have knowledge of Cinema or English telly !” told an insider while remaining anonymous.

Asked upon what would the delegation do for the welfare of Indian people by going there; one of their prominent speakers and strategist for designing foreign tours said that they would persuade the producers to bring Tyrion Lannister back to King’s Landing in season 5 and forgive him for killing his father.

This is seen as a crafty move for luring the young generation of india as they would likely see Tyrion rise back into position.

The MPs are likely to go on a month tour spanning all the three countries which involves study of the architecture of “the wall” so that similar walls can be made across borders of China and Pakistan.

They would visit morocco to study Daenerys Targareyen defence purchases to make similar purchases from other country following her move of purchasing  10,000 unsullied men.

“This move has gained a lot of attention and people are quite happy with it,” replied an enthusiastic MP while packing with family.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh has blamed BJP for luring youth of India so that they support this decision and allow for their trip from taxpayers’ money.

“It is a brilliant move,” said Vikas who follows Game of thrones for action and a bit of politics and humor. “All we hear about the immoral spending of taxpayers’ money by MPs is on Facebook and Twitter which are controlled by youth.”

“If the youth is happy then they will not post about such things on social media and it won’t get any attention. Thus the plan is foolproof,” added Vikas.

Meanwhile, Mulayam and Akhilesh Yadav said that they condemn  Game of Thrones as it shows a lot of rape scenes thus eventually shifting people’s focus back to Uttar Pradesh.