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MP misplaces TV remote at home, police form special team to locate it

25, Jun 2014 By Tantastic Insomniac

It was a complaint of possible theft in the residence of an MP, who requested the Delhi Police Department to immediately form a squad of the most experienced investigators and officers to track down the missing remote control.

Gurgaon Police
Police running towards MP’s house.

An hour long interrogation of the members of the household let the team of investigators to conclude that the device was last seen about an hour before the disappearance was reported. They also believed that both the remote and the thief were still in the vicinity of the bungalow, and soon took no time to find the missing object under the couch.

“He informed me immediately when he realized that the remote was missing,” said his personal assistant. “And I reported this incident as soon as I heard from him. While the police were on their way, he used an app on his son’s Galaxy mobile to operate the television, which he found very confusing. Thankfully, they arrived before he was troubled too much.”

Forensic reports stated that the fingerprints found on the remote matched that of the MP himself. The police were then able to release a few suspects from the household help, including gardener and two cooks, whose names were withheld. The police has registered a case, but nobody, not even the MP knows how the remote got there in the first place. It still remains a mystery.