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Movie Review: Suhag

15, Jun 2014 By manojsharma

Story:  The Indian “Nari” is in trouble over the brewing war between Vijay and his “Suhag”[husband]. While she didn’t like him when they met first time, but after the recommendation from parents and based on her own observance, she finds him very affable and trustworthy and marries him.


The honeymoon was not even over, Indian “Nari” finds herself in deep trouble. Before meeting her husband, her “Suhag”, she had a very close friend named Vijay. Vijay, a disciple of the Indian Nari’s parents, was evicted from the institution by them for furnishing wrong date of birth in his enrollment form. But she, being of view that furnishing wrong or incomplete information is not a punishable crime, had given him a face saver by appointing him manager of external affairs of the same institution.

Though Vijay is grateful to her for her timely help, he is not happy with her decision to get married. He wants her to marry to one of his relatives. When he gets to know about her would be husband, out of jealousy, spreads rumors terming him a “dacoit”. He hopes that this way she will get confused and his relative would have a chance.

But nothing such happens. The Indian Nari does some background checking and finds the rumors baseless. After being sure she gets married.

Furious over his defeat of plan, Vijay resorts to making those allegations public which infuriates the Indian Nari. He then appeals Indian Nari to reconsider her decision and go for a divorce. “If some people kill innocents, does dacoity and then head of organization tries to protect them, should he not be blamed? Criminals should go free!!”, he reasons.

The puzzled and undecided Indian Nari, having guilt of doing the same some years ago, feels more attached to his husband after hearing this. She rejects Vijay’s demand and uphold the dignity of her “Suhag”. She later asks Vijay to concentrate on external affairs instead of poking nose in her internal matters.

Review:  This movie doesn’t live up to expectations. The movie is set in 2010-2014 era. All actors have done justice to everything but to the country. Theme of the movie is ridiculous and disgusting, but the end balances it.