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Mother’s nightmare comes true, fears worse for her IITian son

01, Mar 2013 By tomscribbles

New Delhi. In a bizarre turn of events this morning, the mother of an IITian claims that her once bright, studious & class topper son has turned into a womanizer and a social bug thanks to the era of smartphones and cheap tariff plans offered by telecom operators in India. When asked for the details about her son’s doings in connection to this claim, she declined to reveal further and said that it could have ‘dire consequences’.

“In today’s society where people who have to have guts to face, withstand & fight against competition to earn their living, some of the Ads by leading smart phone makers & telecom operators advertising their products and services have made my son lose his way in life.”

Controversially singling out a couple of Ads in particular she has said that she can prove how companies encourage the future generation of this country in becoming completely useless from once being or having the potential of being self-reliant for their needs. Many did not believe in her claims even after having seen the Ads countless times before. But on careful observation many now believe that the troubled and worried woman might have a case.

“At first view of the Ad by Micromax promoting their product, Micromax Canvas 2, everything seems fine. But if you look at it again carefully you will notice that the advertisement actually intends on encouraging the male gender to becoming womanizers and indulge into one night stands. At the starting of the advertisement, a man with the product is seen mingling with the commoners and trying to fit in with the citizens of some other country by jamming with them in a bus using the hi-fi gadget. But later as the Ad progresses it can be clearly seen that the smart phone, Micromax Canvas 2, enables the man to bag a girl who finds him tech savvy and after having fun with her the whole day, indulges into having sex with her that very night. The next morning, the man flees away using the local bus service to some other town leaving the woman at the hotel and then finds another one at a local bar of that town.”

Another Ad that she has openly criticized is the ‘Vodafone Made For You offers’ one. She is outraged by the fact that on one hand the low tariff plans offer the scope of availability and usability to every citizen, but on the other hand it does also hinder the concept of socializing face to face and encourages people to remain hooked online, consequences of which, she is facing and says, are annoying.

“At home, when he is in his room upstairs and I call him down to have supper with us, he replies by posting on his sister’s Facebook wall who is downstairs and is also logged in all the time via her cell phone. Vocal communication between has just disappeared. What more can I say to this!”

She fears that the worse might be yet to come as she sees that there is no stopping to this madness. In light of such direct criticism we tried to get through to Micromax and Vodafone for comments but neither could be reached.