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Mother's Day to be replaced by Gaay Diwas

11, May 2015 By dashy

New Delhi. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, there was a huge uproar in a special parliamentary session today, drunk sources report. Sadhvi Prachi took the lead by proposing that the entire idea of Mother’s Day should be scrapped. Since, its a foreign concept and not Bharatiya concept, we should stop practicing Mother’s Day just like Valentine’s or any other similar day.

Sakshi Maharaj took in one step further by proposing that only those mothers who have 4 children should be worshiped and not the rest. The arguments went on for quite some time with the opposition staging a Walk Out.

Cow reacting on Gaay Divas.
Cow reacting on Gaay Divas

But the BJP was adamant. RaGa said he will lend the same support to the mothers as he did to the farmers. Especially since it was Congress who got in the women empowerment concept. Rahul Gandhi would be going on a Padyatra all across India to meet all the mothers in this country and give them hope by lending his voice to the cause.

Smriti Irani however had the final word. After a telephonic consultation with Devendra Fadnavis she came up with a proposal that from now onwards Mother’s Day should be replaced by “Gaay Diwas” (Cow Day). After all, Gaay Humari Mata hain (Cow in our Mother).

She has further clarified: This is the closest India will ever come to having a Gay Diwas, but then again, that’s a Moo Point. School attendance would be optionally compulsory on this day and all kids will have to write a 10 line essay on “The Holy Cow”. The winners of that contest will get 2 liters of pure cow milk and ten liters of Gau Mutra (Cow Urine).

So, To all the Mothers I know and Bholu Bhaiya ji’s Cows: A Very Happy Mother’s Day.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be offensive to any Mothers and definitely not to any Cows. After all I can perhaps get away by offending a Woman (not that I want to) but offend a Cow and I am screwed.