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Mother disowns her son after he fails to secure a higher percentile than a distant relative’s daughter

16, Jan 2014 By Sambhav Khetarpal

Bhopal: Samar is going through difficult phase in his life. Not only has he failed to secure a high percentile in CAT, but has also failed to surpass the percentile of a distant relative’s daughter, which has resulted in Samar being disowned by his mother.

Even this is not enough if you dont beat your cousin's marks.
Even this is not enough if you dont beat your cousin’s grades.

Mrs. Khanna, the former mother of Samar, is furious since the CAT result was announced, and believes that Samar has failed to stand up to her level of expectations. Mrs. Khanna told Faking News “My son has failed me. All my efforts of giving him two glasses of milk every day to go along with orange juice have come to no avail.”

Talking about Samar getting a lower percentile than his distant cousin, she said ”Yes, that was the final nail in the coffin. Getting a low percentile was acceptable to an extent, but getting a lower percentile than Mrs. Kapoor’s daughter is ignominious. I can’t face Mrs. Kapoor anymore,” said a despondent Mrs. Khanna. “After the CAT result, all my expectations and dreams have been shattered” Mrs. Khanna told Faking News, failing to realize the CAT can be taken more than once.

Samar, a final year engineering student, is now homeless. Talking to Faking New, Samar said “Well yeah, I did screw up CAT! But I did pretty well in other exams such as NMAT and SNAP and may still get a top college. I got good placements too, but unfortunately, couldn’t get a better percentile than one of my relatives, hence I find myself disowned and homeless” said Samar, who also enquired whether Faking News could provide him accommodation for a night.

When asked about his comparison with Mrs Kapoor’s daughter, Samar said, “Whenever I have had any of my results declared, Mrs.  Kapoor had called up my mother to enquire about my result and then compared it with her daughter. Between, that’s the only time when Mrs. Kapoor calls us up!”

When asked whether he would like to learn a thing or two from his distant cousin, Samar said,” Well, I have never seen her, so I don’t know whether she actually exists or not. I sometimes feel she is a fictional character. But if Mrs. Kapoor is to be believed, her daughter is omnipotent, the one who knows all, and tops everything.”