Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Mosquitoes' menace meanders madly

24, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The buzzing bloodsuckers are everywhere and we are not fully safe from its deep sting. It is definitely the Almighty who can save us from this deadly flying bug. It is always ready to bite us. It is more dangerous than the deadly weapons stockpiled by the nations. It is supposed to be the only creepy-crawly insect which disturbs us throughout the day and night. Malaria is being controlled but its population is beyond control. This is correct to say because of Zika, Chikungunya and dengue are its hottest effects which the common man secures from the stinging bite.

Once it was laid emphasis on making less expenditure on the arms proliferation in order to put firm control on the spread of malaria. Now even till today the scientists and the public health experts have been struggling hard to keep breeding of mosquitoes under complete control. According to an estimate of the WHO, about 7, 25,000 people globally breathe their last owing to its vicious sting. There appears to be no immediate and proper answer to the challenge of the mosquitoes. Even North Korea or the USA is escaping from announcing war against these small beasty germs in all over the world. Despite their respective nuclear powers they do not come forward for its eradication from the whole wide world.

It is rightly said that an elephant fears of a tiny needle and just the same thing persists in case of the mosquitoes. A small micro-organism is ruling over the whole of the living planet by its inherent natural power. The powerful countries are completely helpless before its inborn strength. The America though warns of destroying another country its power seems to die down for waging war against this perilous pest. In this business city, as many as 17 cases of dengue have been confirmed so far.