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More IITs than post-offices by 2030

13, Jul 2014 By razzman

The FY14 budget has set aside Rs. 500 crores to set up 5 more IITs and IIMs. Faking-News managed to meet with officials from the Ministry to get a sneak-peak into the government’s vision for IITs. Mind you this is wholly unofficial and the official insisted that he not be named in this story.

“The long term vision of the government is to make IITs ubiquitous just like post-offices or ration shops. Every village, every taluk should have an IIT. IITs are the pride of the country and therefore must not be denied to any citizen of the country. In fact inspired by the UPA’s brilliant ‘Right-to-X’ template, we would like to propose a ‘Right-to-IIT’ bill.  Every damn fool in the country must be able to avail of the great pedagogy of IITs that have supplied so many visionaries, technocrats, entrepreneurs to the country….well not just the country but the world itself to be accurate, since so many of them flee the country as soon as they graduate. Why restrict the privilege only to a brainy few I say!!” – said the official.

When asked what will happen to the famous entrance exam, the JEE, the official said, “Well I see where you are coming from. With so many IITs around, is there a need for a screening process? But we can’t do away with the JEE since it is big revenue engine for the IITs. So many people who have no chance in heaven or hell pay to appear for the entrance exam. And what about the IIT-coaching business which contributes in no insignificant way to the GNP! What we think is we should persist with the JEE. What we can do is make the exam even tougher, and then allow those who can still clear it to start from the second year of engineering. One year discount!! The time spent in Kota and Hyderabad is straight-away compensated. And yeah, the coaching classes continue to have their business. That is a win-win proposition!!”

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