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More air in Lays Cream and Onion flavor after price hike

13, Aug 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi : The price of Onions touched 100 per Kg and left everyone crying . Just when the countrymen where dealing with this shocker another bummer came their way . The CEO of Lays  declared that it’d contain more air w.e.f of Tuesday itself .

More air more healthy.
More air more healthy.

We got in touch with Kareena’s newly wed husband Saif Ali Khan , “I have been the part of the Lays family form long and I support their step , after all  Mehngai hai Bhai ..”

The chips company is very infamous for the large amount of air it contains and has been the ass for all the jokes on Social Networking sites . Some people claim they have tied two packet of Lays in their car and now their Maruti 800 has “Airbags” for safety while some say oxygen cylinders should be replaced with packet of Lays .

The company is  justifying the decision by citing Sustainability “The prices are going up , you know the leap Onion took .. We have to level it out if onion is going up then so does the Onion flavor would hence lesser chips and more air” .

Meanwhile , Raj Babbar changed his statement “What are the people shouting about ? I was wrong you can’t get food for Rs 12 .. Yeah Bitches Rs 10 is all you need ! Itni hawa mein to do aadmi ka pet bhar jaye and bonus 1-2 chips bhi ” .

Bhim Singh also spoke his chutiyap opinion “Onions prices are meant to be increased and simultaneously the air in Lays .”