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Moral Cops to provide training to Noida Cops to curb PDA in public places

26, Sep 2014 By Prasanna Narayanan

Noida: Last week, the Noida Police department rolled out a major new initiative to curb cases of PDA in public places. Under this program, several police officers will be trained by members of leading women’s organizations on methods to identify “inappropriate behavior” by couples in public places and tactics to control the same.

“This is a welcome move by the Noida Police department. After all, our country has been the epitome of morality. A land which once worshipped Alok Nath has started to worship Sunny Leone. This is not acceptable at all. Everyone needs to unite to curb this menace and bring back the past glory of our glorious nation,” said Mrs. Savitri Satyavan, founder of the organization, Living On Values Everyday.

Gurgaon Police
Moral police officers

She further explained that this programme will be a focusing on creating awareness not only to the police force but also to the entire society.

When our special correspondent enquired about the details of the training, Savitri was very open and provided us with the following information.

Any training requires the participant to identify the problem.The first aspect would be towards identifying the violators. On a general principle, any couple dressed in attire which may provoke the cops or not maintaining a minimum distance of 2 feet while walking will be considered a suspect. Such couples will be taken in for questioning.

Secondly, intensive training will be provided for handling such violators. Each policeman would be provided with weaponry such as Rakhi, Sindoor, Mangalsutra which is to be used, should a couple be involved in Ashleel activities.

We believe that such intensive training methods will help the police in performing their duties better and help in building Ram Rajya in our country again.

Many right winged organizations have extended their support and are planning to incorporate this programme as a compulsory course in all police training schools.