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Modi to apply for US visa to beat the dollar down to pulp

22, Aug 2013 By ashwinkumar

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will apply for his US visa in the weeks to come. He has been egged on to take this step by his die-hard followers who want him to combat the rising Dollar. Sources indicate that Modi might accept this request and apply for a visa finally.

Sources have also indicated that Modi already has a plan to combat the falling rupee, though the plan seems to have been inspire from the UPA government. As per the plan, Rupee would be sold in the Indian markets at 2002 rates similar to Coal, Spectrum and Land(only to Vadra).

There is no clear picture as yet on whether this dollar can be resold. But at the end of the day, Zero-Loss is what Modi Bhai is aiming at, so it doesn’t really matter what buyers do. Modi is not anticipating any major opposition back home too, since this is a formula that is very much favored by the UPA. The stage is all set for proceeding with this proposal once Arnab Goswami clears this on YOUR channel, once he is done out-shouting Pakistanis on his show.

Advani was not available for comment. But sources confided that he was secretly egging Sitaram Yechury into writing one more letter to Obama.

Seasoned Secularist Nitish Kumar was not too impressed with the idea. He was quoted as saying “I would rather have the rupee valued against the onions”.