Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Modi Govt imposes Selfie Tax

20, Oct 2017 By Anurag Singal


In a revolutionary move, the Modi Govt has passed an ordinance to ban Indians going abroad from posting their pics on Facebook. Defaulters will have to pay a hefty Selfie Tax.

सबका साथ सबका विकास is the stated objective of this government. Why should some people have all the fun and create disharmony in the lives of others.

While NGOs have welcomed the move, saying that it will reduce divorce rates in the country, there is a sharp criticism from the tourist industry.

A Thomas Cook representative that people are cancelling bookings enmasse. ‘Whats the point of going abroad if I cant hyterically click pics and post them online to make my friends jealous’

Already reeling under the impact of DeMo and GST, the proposed selfie tax will ruin livelihoods in the mobile phone, DSLR, airlines, hotels and tourism industry.