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Modi approaches C.I.D. to find "acche din"

16, Sep 2014 By yash1989

Delhi. “The concept of acche din is a myth, just like Tushar Kapoor’s acting, it does not exist.” Owing to such a harsh comment from the opposition, Modi has approached the C.I.D. to find acche din.

The C.I.D. have lately been busy with cases like ‘The dog and his diarrhea’, ‘Case of the falling biscuit in tea’ and the ‘The mystery behind two oo’s in Poonam Pandey’s name.’ This case has offered ACP Pradyuman an opportunity to exclaim his favorite dialogues ‘My God, Kuch To gadbad hai Daya and Dhoondo Abhijeet dhundoo’ for the trillionth time.

Time to take bigger cases.

Daya, the man with a fetish for doors started the investigation and quizzed someone from the ruling party. The minister explained, “Arreacche din came and went but everyone were busy with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and they failed to notice the acche din.” On hearing this Daya got furious and broke all the doors and windows of the minister’s house including Windows 8 on his computer.

Abhijeet went on and interrogated Sajid Khan about acche din, this is what Sajid Khan had to say, “Acche din are definitely here, Humshakal’s made 100 crores, come on this could only be possible due to acche din. There was no way in hell that people would pay to watch Ram Kapoor in a bikini. Even for those who say that Bade acche lagte hai, this was preposterous. The Anti Terrorist Cell (ATS) approached me after watching Himmatwala and asked me to make a movie that they could use to torcher terrorists, hence I made it. Now they have caught a terrorist mastermind who has survived after watching Humshakals and RGV Ki Aag, hence the ATS has asked my sister Farah Khan to release Happy New Year quickly.”

Doctor Salunkhe who does all sorts of experiments in the C.I.D lab, like breeding a monkey with three nipples, analyzing the effects of daily soap’s on innocent husbands and decoding KRK’s brilliant brain, mentioned that, “Acche din have vanished because of the alcohol ban in Kerela. Alcoholics are spiritual people and this has angered their leader, someone they refer to as the Old Monk. Owing to this they have conspired with the spirits and captured acche din. We have approached their spokesperson and chronic alcoholic, Aditya Roy Kapoor of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Ashique 2 Fame to resolve the issue.”

Conspiracy Theorist KRK believes otherwise, “Due to the hemoglobin of the atmosphere and the square root of the stratosphere, there has been a change in the density of volcanic eruptions, this has activated the sin, cos and theta which will have an impact on the thyroid and phosphorous and that shrinks the size of the underwear and doesn’t allow workforce to concentrate on their work, hence the concept is not acche din but kacche din.”

As always C.I.D, is expected to solve this case in one hour where they explain everything to the audience as if they are catering to class 3 students and eventually find acche din and catch the criminal who will reveal his modus operandi after one tight slap from Daya.