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Modi (ano) gets Nobel Prize in literature

11, Oct 2014 By farmafeku

Yesterday when Nobel prizes were announced lot of New-York based Gujarati NRI community started celebrating at Times square. They were in such a huge numbers that special security arrangements were made to avoid any shoving & hustling with reporters.

When our absconding correspondent Mr. Bajbeep Carghesai got the news about the huge gathering, he went straight to take his revenge & report too.

On the scene people were chanting “Modi (a) no malya Nobel Prize” which meant Modi gets Nobel Prize.

The crowd went hysterical and were doing garba and dandiya, as it was a moment of pride for being a Gujarati and their man won Nobel. On witnessing maddened crowd it took 15 minutes to shocked Bajbeep to hold his microphone and walk towards a man wearing saffron kurta.

Bajbeep asked the man “Sir what is making you so happy today?” Man answers “Now our Modi Sahib has proven that he is, master of all trades. All the best things are falling in his basket be it becoming PM, getting US Visa, and felicitation by president Obama in white house but Now its Noble Prize, what more a man can ask for…. Yahooo !!”

He approaches a lady wearing Gujarati outfit and asked “Ben (Sister) how could you affirm & celebrate that Modi has won, when his name was not even in the nomination of Nobel list?” The lady replies “Our Modiji has read his script in UN assembly & in Madison Square so well that Nobel Committee could not stop them giving him Noble for Literature.”

Bajbeep always had a second question in his mind but before he could ask, the lady said “ Are u Bajbeep? U are traitor? How dare you to suspect on Modi Sahib`s abilities?

Bajbeep soon left the scene as he saw a lot of people were fuming over him,as he went ahead he found handful French people who were in high spirits too and were chanting “Hurray!! Modiano wins the Nobel prize in literature”!!

On  probing further Mr Bajbeep got info that Patrick Modiano a french writer has been named winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.

Tough Bajbeep filled up in anger but recalling the past incident he kept mum and tweeted “Breaking from Times Square: It’s a day of utter joy for all of us as Modi(ano) gets Noble Prize in literature”