Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Mizoram decides to abolish actual poll results after no media-house includes state in exit poll results

06, Dec 2013 By pradhanadhyaapak

Frustrated over being entirely ignored by most of the media-houses in the exit polls, all the political parties in Mizoram have unanimously asked the Election commission not to declare the actual electoral results this 8th of December.

“I had starch-pressed  Nehru jacket just to appear on the discussion forums on exit poll results on the leading news shows but I was shocked to see that no one even cared to include us as one of the states holding elections. One newspaper even went on to say we were not even counted for. Well then, there shall be no results, and that’s decided by all of us,” said the party spokesperson of the Mizo National Front (MNF).

When Arnab Goswami was asked to reply as to why Times-Now didn’t think it important to include Mizoram in its poll results, he retorted, “We include only what India wants to know, and this, Ladies and gentleman, is not something, India wants to know.”